Security Services Provided for our Clients:

Harden Apache
  • prevent information disclosure
  • disable insecure SSL protocols
Harden MySQL
  • disable network access (can be re-enabled if necessary)
  • remove test database
  • removed password-less access
Harden SSH
  • prevent root logins
  • allow ssh protocol 2 only
Harden FTP

disable anonymous ftp access

Harden DNS (named)

disable recursion from non-local addresses

Harden Cron (crond)

add empty, immutable crontabs for non-privileged users

General Hardening
  • enable minimal services by default
  • disable insecure SSL protocols
  • scan for and remove directories with unsafe ownerships or permissions
  • enforce nosuid, nodev, noexec on /tmp
Harden cPanel
  • install (but do not enable) CSF
  • disable insecure features
  • enforce SSL service access wherever possible

You can read more about our Green Hosting initiatives.

Our founder, Eve, brings over 20 years of engineering experience to evaHost. She spent a great deal of that time in the field helping customers solve problems and achieve their objectives. She cares deeply about providing quality customer service.